Keeping a balance

I’ve neglected my blog recently as I’ve been a busy bee. Things have taken a turn in a different direction and I’m still adjusting to the new norm. I’m not very good at adjusting I know it takes me time.
My choral groups are going well. Suffolk Soul Singers have a good amount of gigs leading up to Xmas, and some lovely new members too. Suffolk soul singers youth kicks of this week at the town hall 5-7 Tuesday evening open to all 11-16s. I also have a singing for the soul group at Gainsborough library Fridays 11-12 open to all. I’m currently looking for some funding for the library group, any suggestions most welcome!
Teaching at ARU is ticking over nicely as is my private tuition. So work is good and I find my time being shuffled around on a weekly basis.
Labour case work has only been bits and bobs and my Gainsborough colleges are very supportive. MU is giving me many opportunities such as going to Labour Party conference and the class conference.
I feel like I’m in that position where all is well. I’m very busy, and that’s the worry. I know my tolerance level is not what it once was. I’m concerned about me, I really don’t want to crash and burn. The pressure of being totally freelance is showing. It’s very hard to say no to work when bills and rent are looming.
I’m struggling with the balance of singing and teaching which is very common. Added to this my MU and Labour work gets mixed in, and that’s where I struggle to find the hours in the day, or the energy to be of any use!
I also find the creative me is a little subdued as there is not enough time to follow ideas or develop these into projects. This needs a space in my week as it fulfils me beyond the teaching, politics or money I need to survive.
I need to be clear where my boundaries are, keep a good quality of work, good rate of pay and enjoy the work too. If I stick to this and nothing more it might just work.
Wish me luck!


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