Shaving my head for SANE and SOBS


I’m shaving my head on my birthday this year, August the first 2015.

I want to raise awareness for mental health, depression and suicide. Big taboo subjects, but we encounter them every day. I think we need to normalise mental health and discuss it as you would any other illness. There is so much rumour and misunderstanding around mental health and depression I want to break the stigma.

Suicide can often be a last resort for many with ill mental health. It leaves families, friends and partners behind. We need to give more understanding to these bereavements and support those who are in this unique and difficult situation. Also let’s talk about suicide, feeling this way is often a symptom of ill mental health. It’s nothing bad or to be ashamed of, it’s often part of the illness.

I’m raising money for SANE the mental health charity…..

And Survivors of bereavement through suicide…..

Please give generously, and if you can take the time to share these links on Facebook and twitter etc, Or send an email out that would be grand. 

Anything you’d like to ask me, please feel free.

Thanks so much


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