About Me

My Name is Andi, I’m 31, single and live in Ipswich.

I’m a musician, singer and improvisor. I love jazz, soul, pop and anything else that moves me, grooves or makes me go Ahhh. I’ve studied since I was a child, at first classically trained, moving onto college, then an MMus in Jazz at GSMD. I’ve been gigging around since my teens. Im a freelance singer, arranger, choral leader, workshop leader and any other musical roles the arise. I run an adult community choir called Suffolk Soul Singers and Suffolk Soul Singers Youth for 9-16, both based in ipswich. I’m also an educator, teaching singing at Anglia Ruskin university and privately.

I’m active within the musicians’ union, and am currently and elected member of the executive committee. As a musician myself I feel strongly about issues relating to our members and like to feel part of making a change for my fellow musicians. I also appreciate the wider solidarity with trade unions and organisations. I think now more than ever this is of great importance.

Through my trade union activism I have become a Labour Party member. I’m definitely to the left of labour and very much a socialist. I am active within Ipswich Labour and Ipswich young labour and I have recently been elected as a Borough councillor for Gainsborough ward in Ipswich.

And then there are the other things, that i don’t talk about often, maybe a bit more personal….

I’m interested in mental health issues because of my own experiences with recurrent major depression. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and I feel that only now am I beginning to understanding my condition. It is often the way that mental health is reguarded by others that defines our illness and the treatment and care available from mental health services varies wildly from month to month.

I’m also a dog owner, my dog Bessie is a miniature long haired dachshund. I like snooker mostly as a spectator, occasionally as a terrible player! Pool is more manageable and still enjoyable. Im also a coffee addict, love the stuff in all it’s many forms and froths. I sometimes get a bit crafty if I have time, doing a bit of drawing, painting or making jewellery.

Quite a random mix of things that all go to make the me I am now.
I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for sometime, so here we go. I want to include all my interests and I’m hoping it will be worth a read……..


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